Top 5 Video Game Conventions

Top 5 Video Game Conventions

Top 5 Video Game Conventions

Playing video games by yourself at home or with a few friends online is one thing but no gamer’s life is really complete unless he’s getting out there and rubbing elbows with others who share the same passion. And what better way to do that than to attend killer video game conventions where you can stay up to date on the latest happenings in the industry, learn about upcoming releases before they hit the market, engage in cosplay as your favorite character, or participate in the ultimate kick-ass LAN party playing against other passionate gamers all under one roof.

Attend a video game convention and you are guaranteed to have a great time, meet new friends, and create memories that will last forever.

In this article we’re going to tell you about some of the best gaming conventions in the world and give you a count down of the Top 5 Video Game Conventions that gamers everywhere should consider attending.

So let’s get right to it …

Video Game Conventions #5 - BlizzCon

Blizzard Entertainment is by far one of the best video game developers in the world. Of course that’s purely my own personal opinion but that opinion is backed up by evidence in the form of rock solid video games. From the makers of classics like Starcraft, World of Warcraft, and my all-time personal favorite, Diablo, comes a gaming convention that is sure to please gamers both new and old.

Blizzcon 2019

BlizzCon is the annual Blizzard Entertainment gaming convention that has been around since 2005. Held in Anaheim, California, the convention is packed with fun activities and plenty of opportunities to network with fellow gamers. Costs to attend the convention are based on the type of pass you purchase. You have the choice of buying the basic BlizzCon Pass or upgrade to either the BlizzCon Portal Pass or the BlizzCon Benefit Dinner pass. Be prepared to drop some serious cash just to attend the event but be assured that it will be well worth every dollar you spend on it.

For Blizzcon tickets and event information:

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World of Warcraft | Diablo | Starcraft

Video Game Conventions #4 - QuakeCon

Next on the list is a convention like no other from one of my all-time favorite game development companies – id Software – with headquarters located in the heart of Dallas, Texas.
QuakeCon - Dallas, Texas

QuakeCon 2019

This iconic game development company is responsible for the development of greats like DOOM, QUAKE, and RAGE – not to mention the early 1990’s classic – Wolfenstein 3D.

My first introduction to DOOM came by way of first playing Wolfenstein 3D on my old Packard Bell desktop PC that had an Intel 486 25 MHz CPU with 4GB of RAM and no add-in video adapter. Even so I was hooked and loved staying up late at night playing that game. It was awesome!


QuakeCon, held annually in Dallas, Texas, offers up some of the best events for fans of video games. On the top of the list is the biggest Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC) LAN Party in North America. If you don’t want to haul your own gear to the convention you can instead opt to rent a gaming PC at the event. The PC rentals come preloaded with tons of games on them and boast very impressive hardware specs to keep you playing non-stop.

Cosplay Contest

For those who enjoy cosplay you can participate in The Cosplay Contest for your chance to win some big money. The grand prize is $2,000 this year. And for those talented artists out there be sure to show off your skills and enter the annual Fan Art Contest. The top prize for the best fan art is $1,500 this year.

In addition to the killer events above you’ll also have access to event exclusives, developer panels, hands-on demos, and of course Quake tournaments!
The best part of the entire 4-day event is this:


For that price you’d be crazy not to go.

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DOOM | Quake | RAGE

Video Game Conventions #3 - EGX

If you reside in the United Kingdom or will be traveling there then be sure to check out EGX – the UK’s Biggest Gaming Event. EGX is held annually in the United Kingdom and, by popular demand, it is returning to London. Offering something for everyone it is sure to please both young and old.
#3 Video Game Conventions - EGX - The UK's Biggest Gaming Event
At the 4-day EGX event in London, sponsored by Virgin Media, you’ll find a mixture of mainstream video game titles as well as unheard of releases from hundreds of indie game developers. You’ll have the opportunity to play major unreleased blockbuster games, participate in developer sessions, meet your favorite content creators, and then take a break from it all and unwind with an assortment of “offline” table top games.

Here’s a rundown of just some of the events and activities happening this year at EGX:

EGX Gaming Area

This is, without a doubt, the most popular section of the entire show. In the Gaming Area you’ll have the opportunity to play over 250 unreleased, unexplored, and in some cases literally, never-before-seen games for PC and console platforms.

EGX Rezzed Zone

For fans of underground indie game titles this is the place for you. In this zone there are no big name game developers. What you’ll find here are hundreds of indie games and the creative geniuses behind them.

The Leftfield Collection

This section of the show is dedicated to those games, and their creators, that are, shall we say, a bit out in LEFT FIELD. Thus, the name. Think interesting, creative, and fun all at the same time. We think you’ll love it.

EGX Fringe Theater

The Fringe Theater is a live podcast platform for passionate gamers who want to talk about anything and everything related to the gaming industry. Perhaps you have some great ideas you’d like to propose to the gaming community in hopes that your ideas will help spark a positive movement in the industry. This would be the place to have that conversation.

Tournament Zone

Need we say more? This is where you’ll have the opportunity to participate in competitive eSports tournament gaming and show em who’s boss. Team up with friends and go kick some ass!

Careers in the Gaming Industry

For those looking to break into the gaming industry be sure to visit the Careers Bar. Come here to talk CVs, courses, internships, work experience, freelancing, work-life balance or just find out about the day to day reality of working in the industry.

For EGX tickets and event information:

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Video Game Conventions #2 - Penny Arcade Expo

PAX (originally known as Penny Arcade Expo) is a series of gaming culture festivals involving tabletop gaming, arcade gaming, and video gaming. PAX festival events are held annually in Seattle, Boston, Philadelphia, San Antonio, and Melbourne.
#2 Video Game Conventions - Penny Arcade Expo

PAX West | PAX East | PAX South | PAX Australia

There are 4 main PAX events that occur throughout the year. So if you missed the last one then chances are the next one is just right around the corner. Each of the 4 main events that occur throughout the year include the normal gamer convention events and activities like an exhibit hall, eSport tournaments, discussion panels, and a PC area where you can bring your own computer to play games or use one of the many PAX computers that are already loaded with some of the best LAN games available.

What sets PAX conventions apart from other conventions are the events that you won’t find anywhere else. Here’s a rundown of some of what you’ll get only at PAX:


Imagine a mega-tournament that spans the entire length of the PAX event where only the best competitors will survive. And then imagine a closing ceremony that includes the 2 remaining competitors in a final showdown vying to be crowned the ultimate Omeganaut champion. We’ve just described Omegathon.

Concert Performances

At the end of a long convention day there’s nothing more exciting than rocking out to some nerd music at one of the nightly concerts.

Pin Trading

If you’ve ever been to Disney World you’re probably already familiar with pin trading. PAX has a similar event but all of the pins are PAX and gaming related pins. Buy, collect, and trade pins with attendees and staff members throughout PAX.

The PAX 10

This is a roundup of the 10 best indie games of the year. Industry experts rate the games based on gameplay and how fun they are to play. You’re sure to find games that you’ve never heard of but will love to play.

Freeplay Areas

Whether you’re into tabletop games, want to check out the latest console games, or have yet to take a ride in a Virtual Reality (VR) environment, these areas of the convention are sure to make your convention experience one to remember.

PAX Unplugged (Philadelphia)

PAX Unplugged is a special event dedicated primarily to two things – a) Tabletop Games and b) Family Friendly Fun. You’ll still have access to all of the usual PAX events so don’t worry about missing out on anything. Just know that this event is a special one that you can bring your kids to.

Unplugged grew as an extension of the primary PAX events that resulted from the increasing popularity of tabletop gaming at PAX. The people behind PAX decided it was time to create an event just for tabletop gamers and make it family friendly so that gamers of all ages could enjoy the event.

PAX Unplugged Sunday is designed specifically for kids. Anyone under age 12 will get a Sunday Kid’s Day badge for the event which is a reduced price Sunday-only badge. If you’re a gaming fan with children then PAX Unplugged is definitely for you so don’t miss out.

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Video Game Conventions #1 - E3

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is an annual convention held each summer in Los Angeles, California. It is considered to be one of the most popular and largest gaming conventions in the world where major companies like Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, and Bethesda come to unveil new releases and make major announcements. E3 2019 was no exception, except for the fact that Sony chose not to show up this year.
#1 Video Game Conventions - Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3)

E3 Schedule (2019)

This year’s E3 conference and expo show took place June 9th through June 13th at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California. Despite the fact that E3 2019 has come and gone you might be interested to learn about what happened and what you can expect to see next year at E3 2020. So much happened at E3 2019 that we simply don’t have the bandwidth to cover it all here, but we will let you in on some of the more notable releases and announcements that are sure to get you pumped and ready for more gaming.

Microsoft E3 2019

There were definitely some exciting announcements made at E3 2019 and one of the most anticipated announcements came from Microsoft.

Project Scarlett: That is the codename given to Microsoft’s upcoming release of the Xbox 2 console with a projected launch date during the 2020 holiday season. This was a major E3 2019 announcement from Microsoft that has console gamers everywhere very excited.

One of the goals behind Project Scarlett is to minimize and possibly eliminate game load times to get you in the game faster. Imagine how awesome that would be! Microsoft engineers have also taken gaming to a new level by designing a console that is reportedly 4x more powerful than the current Xbox One X console of today. The new console is expected to deliver 8K gaming with frame rates up to 120 fps. That alone should revolutionize the future of gaming moving forward.

Release Date: Holiday 2020

Launch Title: Halo Infinite

Price: TBD

Bethesda E3 2019

Bethesda made a great showing at E3 2019 with an array of new and updated game announcements. The most exciting and anticipated announcement was the latest iteration in the DOOM series – DOOM Eternal – with a release date scheduled for 11/22/2019. Be sure to watch the full Bethesda E3 2019 showcase presentation of DOOM Eternal below. You’re gonna love it.

New Game Announcements:

  • DOOM Eternal
  • Wolfenstein: Youngblood
  • GhostWire: Tokyo
  • Deathloop

Updated Game Announcements:

  • Fallout 76 Wastelanders
  • Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter
  • Rage 2 – Rise of the Ghosts

Bethesda is also bringing The Elder Scrolls: Blades to the Nintendo Switch due mainly to the popularity of the game on Android and iOS mobile platforms.

Nintendo E3 2019

While we won’t recap everything that Nintendo announced this year at E3 we will tell you about their biggest announcement –

There is a sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild currently under development!

In addition to that Nintendo announced tons of new games for the Nintendo Switch.

For E3 tickets and event information:

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